The countertop washbasins have become, by now, one of the most trendy solutions in recent years both for a purely aesthetic, functional, and installation aspect.

Today I will clarify your ideas about their characteristics and varieties, even if there are shapes and colors for all styles and preferences.

Companies often use the same type of washbasin replicated in the countertop, column, built-in and suspended models, to satisfy any need.

A sink is now an indispensable object in every home, being one of the most used items in the house.

The shape makes us think a little of that of the old grandmother’s basins, resting on a floor, which served as a container of hot water for washing.

Therefore, the historical memory joins the contemporary and minimal style and does it with great elegance and versatility.

A perfect mix!

How to choose a countertop washbasin for the bathroom?

The first question that must be asked when you are about to choose a new bathroom sink is undoubted: which one should I choose?

The market, of course, offers hundreds of solutions and it is a good idea to orient yourself in advance before facing endless tours in shops for bathroom furniture and furniture.

First, we must consider some practical factors such as :

  1. The number of people that make up the family. This will affect how the toilet is used. Everyone will have specific needs and timing.
  2. The number of bathrooms available in the house. This aspect will undoubtedly condition the family organization. A higher number of toilets will facilitate daily activities.
  3. The size of the bathroom. This will lead to a different design of the washing area, perhaps introducing two washbasins instead of one.
  4. The preference for one or the other model of the sink must coincide with a careful analysis of needs. Therefore, it is not just a purely aesthetic preference but also, and above all, a functional choice.

Which shape and color to choose

The countertop washbasin makes versatility its main advantage, as well as being rather easy to install.

It can be placed on top of furniture or shelves which must be adequately prepared to accommodate the structure in terms of water and weight attacks.

The latest trend is to lay it on a long, suspended shelf, which is often a color in contrast with the nuances of the sink.

It, therefore, becomes an object to be exhibited, with a wall-mounted mixer and an exposed siphon, for example.

You can have fun choosing the shape you like best, always keeping in mind that it must be proportioned with the available surface.

Oval, round, square, rectangular.

But also with non-regular geometries, which slims down as you move away from the mixer.

The choice is varied, even in the colors.

My advice is to dare with intense shades only if you have neutral furnishings and coverings.

On the contrary, you can think of neutral shades for the washbasin and combine them with warm floors such as wood or tiles with more marked tones.

Countertop washbasins: which materials to choose

Also, in the elements, you can opt for different compounds, all very valid, suitable for this environment and this type of sink.

From the most classic and resistant in stone and marble to the most widespread in ceramics.

It is a convenient and very durable material that will not wear comfortably but may not be very versatile.

It is available in both glossy and matt versions, more current and modern.

If, on the other hand, you think of a minimal and impressive solution, you can consider the tempered glass basins that will make your bathroom elegant.

The only flaw: cleaning.

They are, very delicate, and it is necessary to use specific detergents to keep their characteristics intact.

Then there are innovative materials such as Corian and resin that represent the most current of the alternatives.

The first has the advantage of being very durable and versatile but unfortunately with rather high costs.

Resin basins, on the other hand, are often made with different colors and shapes, but on the other hand, it is delicate, so it must be treated with non-aggressive products.

If you want to bring some design to your bathroom, the countertop washbasins are the right solution.

Modern, original, and elegant, they will quickly adapt to any decor, even the most rustic.

Their somewhat retro air blends well with more minimal or industrial furnishings.

Try to combine them perfectly with the coverings that may perhaps refer to repeated geometric patterns, a bit vintage.

Then characterize them with a beautiful mirror that shows off the lines.

Make an area as functional as the washing area, an important focal point, attractive and cared for.

If you are struggling with a complete renovation, also consider the idea of ​​enhancing the wall behind the sink with an original coating.

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