The umbrella stand is one of those accessories that are convenient to have at home, both in the entrance area and just outside the door.

It is positioned a short distance from the front door and then immediately catches the eye as soon as you cross the front door.

Nowadays, there are numerous models of umbrella stands ranging from more classic styles to more modern and essential ones.

Tosca umbrella stand in modern style with Scandinavian lines

This accessory was designed by the Japanese design studio Yamazaki.

It differs for its elegant and minimal features, as well as for its small size.

Despite the very small footprint, it holds inside a cylindrical compartment suitable to accommodate pocket umbrellas and another part intended for classic umbrellas.

It is made of white steel and light wood.

This detail makes it elegant and also suitable for a Scandinavian style home.

The base is in non-slip and scratch-resistant silicone.

Compact umbrella stand: minimal space

This umbrella stand is made of Polystone, a type of resin that makes the object light but at the same time very resistant.

Thanks to its small size, it can also be inserted in tiny houses. His features fit perfectly into an apartment designed in a modern style.

It is so small and minimal that it is hardly visible.

Modern Hanger umbrella stand

Hanger has been designed to hang both traditional and portable umbrellas.

From the non-slip silicone base start two metal rods that join at the top.

A wooden stick has also been added to which traditional umbrellas can be hung, while in the metal rod (precisely in the four hooks) it is possible to place the portable umbrellas with the cord.

Tower umbrella stand in painted metal

The painted metal, wrought iron effect, has the characteristic of being correctly inserted both in a classic and modern environment, and Tower is the demonstration of this.

Specifically, it contains four umbrellas, two large and two small.

It is perfectly finished: look at how each base that holds each umbrella contains rubber water collection trays, which are also interchangeable.

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