While outside “everything flows,” the house represents the place of peace and re-appropriation of oneself and the value of time.

The bedroom, in particular, is the environment of the most intimate and familiar home, the one in which we take refuge to rest and recharge the body and mind of new indispensable energies.

The choice of furniture and the colors that guide the bedroom should run in the direction of this need to create a protective shell from the thousands of stimuli (not always positive) coming from the outside world.

Relying on welcoming and comfortable shades to furnish your bedroom is the first step to rediscover serenity and reconnect to the most exact and essential values ​​of life.

Wall color, bed linen, and curtains should help to create that warm atmosphere that is suitable for an intimate and familiar place like the bedroom.

What are the colors suitable for furnishing the bedroom?

The palettes that recall the four natural elements (earth, water, air, fire) are perfect because they fill the room with an enveloping sense of protection and safety, inviting calm, reflection and well-being.

The colors of the earth range from neutral tones of beige to the warmer nuances of hazelnut, bronze, and terracotta.

The colors of the fire are declined in more delicate shades such as the scale of the rose, the clay, the burnt earth.

The relaxing colors related to air and water are the shades of blue, turquoise, the various declinations of green and above all the ethereal presence of white, which harmonizes the whole and gives an injection of light and positivity.

The bed is the protagonist

If for walls and fabrics it is better to avoid too bright and bright colors, preferring instead more reassuring and harmonious tones, some small excess in the key of protagonism we can grant it to the bed, the real and real fulcrum of our room.

The protagonist of the bed can be realized both in the choice of bright color and contrasting with the rest of the furniture, both in the selection of a particularly attractive design or an unusual shape (for example, the round bed is enveloping and sensual!).

Beyond the style chosen, the bed must first be comfortable and welcoming, better if positioned perpendicular to a light source and certainly never in front of the entrance door of the room, above all not to hinder the passage and not to suffocate (even visually) the environment.

According to Eastern traditions, to facilitate the discharge of natural electromagnetic fields, the headboard of the bed should be placed in a northerly direction so that the head (the positive pole of the body) is located at the negative pole of the earth.

From a functional point of view, the bed must be chosen to take into account other factors.

A container bed or with drawers it is perfect for small rooms where there is a need to optimize space and to have extra centimeters for the wardrobe, while if the room is so large it allows you to insert a large wardrobe or even a walk-in closet, the bed can be released by functional criteria to turn exclusively towards aesthetic standards.

How to choose the wardrobe for the bedroom

In the design of a bedroom, another essential point is the organization of the closet.

How to choose the right wardrobe for the bedroom?

In order not to make mistakes, we must start from the shape of the room: a large or small office? Regular or irregular shape?

There are different types of wardrobe: linear, corner, bridge, with hinged or sliding doors, up to the actual walk-in closet.

The classic opening system is the one with hinged doors, which, on the one hand, allows a complete view of the contents of the wardrobe, on the other hand, requires an opening footprint of about 60 cm.

The most practical models have an anti-dust stop and cushioned hinges.

If you love modern and minimalist style, opt for a “continuous surface” wardrobe with full-height doors and recessed handles that are almost invisible.

If on the other hand the available space is reduced, the sliding doors allow you to recover the centimeters of the opening, allowing you to position it even in a minimum depth.

Another space-saving solution is the bridge wardrobe around the bed, while if the room has a “dead” corner, a polygonal-shaped element to be used as a mini walk-in closet will immediately revive it!

Bedside tables to characterize the bedroom

Finally, the choice of chest of drawers and bedside tables is critical, elements able to describe the bedroom with taste and personality, acting as a sort of glue between a large and comfortable bed and a wardrobe around which to organize the closet effectively. Functional.

Wooden nightstands are the perfect solution to create a warm and welcoming environment.

Based on the wood grain, the room will change face and style: a light wood gives the furniture a modern and Scandinavian mark; a rough wood characterizes the environment in a vintage industrial key; the dark color of a precious wood offers a classic and elegant appearance; finally, a white pickled wood bedside table directs the style towards a shabby romantic chic.

The white lacquered nightstands are instead the ideal choice for those who prefer to furnish the bedroom with modern taste and timeless elegance. Simple and minimal, the white bedside tables contribute to creating an essential and restful style for the sleeping area, at the same time characterizing the environment with a touch of contemporary and versatility.

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