Today, on my furniture and interior design blog, I will make your desire for the sea explode, talking about a dream place!

We move with the thought in the sun and the blue of the archipelago of the Cyclades islands, more precisely in Mykonos! The Aegean atmosphere, the sea, and the marked contrasts of white architecture against the cerulean background of the sky immediately come to mind whenever we speak of a Greek island.

But what I want you to notice today is the ability to interpret a new type of luxury from a Greek brand linked to hospitality on this island.

We are talking about the structures of the Kensho group, two hotels and two villas located in the most suggestive places of Mykonos.

I mentioned a new interpretation of luxury, because, as you will see in the images, in these structures, a perfect mix of sobriety, ingenuity, and natural elements is best served.

In my eyes, this looks like an innovative synthesis worthy of being told, where the identity of a place is proposed and enhanced thanks to sophisticated interpretations of classic design.

Kensho Hotel Mykonos: Psarou is the largest of the four hotels

The group has two villas and two accommodations. The style and the furnishings come from the same matrix of taste and style, but each entity maintains its identity.

The latest addition is the Kensho Psarou boutique hotel.

I like how the interior designers have mixed the natural elements innovatively interpreting them.

The stone, for example, is carved as if it were a work of art, and maintains, at the same time, roughness and innate strength.

It is a warm and never ostentatious luxury, which amazes with its simple and clean lines. The maximum comfort of services is expressed in a perfect and straightforward key.

Lighting at the Kensho hotel Mykonos, in Psarou

The details are not just about the magical proposal of Hellenic materials such as wood and stone.

Within the common areas and rooms, the Psarou features pieces of furniture signed by great designers.

In the eyes of the sector’s lovers, works by Patricia Urquiola, Redaelli, Paola Navone, Foscarini, Riva, and many others can only be noticed.

A very particular design of the light features has earned the nomination of this hotel to many awards in the world of luxury hospitality.

The chandeliers, the sconces, and all the choreography of the illuminations correspond to an important trait that distinguishes the whole philosopher of the reception of this group.

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