The kitchen is a place of sharing, of family, of conviviality, of hospitality.

As such, it requires very close attention and particular attention to detail and functionality.

When we talk about kitchens, we immediately think about mealtimes, as a moment of creativity for new dishes and sharing.

It is undoubtedly a place where passion for cooking and love come together and come together in perfect harmony.

The choice of the type of kitchen, the materials and the possible installations become actors in a stage that has the scent of home.

To come, we will see together numerous possibilities of furnishing this so valuable space within the internal walls. We will begin by analyzing various styles of kitchen furnishings, tops, and washbasins.

The materials that can be used to furnish your kitchen will not be missing.

  1. Modern cuisine with functionality, innovation, and technology
  2. Masonry kitchens: all possible compositions
  3. All the steps to be respected to furnish this room in your home in a classic mood
  4. Space for creativity and imagination to create a modular kitchen
  5. Rustic cuisine and materials to choose from
  6. Shabby chic kitchens, the right mix of white and romance
  7. The trend from the Provencal style
  8. Kitchens with central island or with a peninsula
  9. Corner kitchen
  10. How to design a custom-made kitchen
  11. How to buy and place foldaway kitchens
  12. Openspace, space for cooking stoves
  13. Trolleys, sinks and kitchen tops: ideas to embellish this space
  14. Plans and instructions for designing a small kitchen

The modern kitchen is an icon of innovation, functionality, and technology.

The modern kitchens can exploit even the smallest spaces, maintaining the contemporary environment and elegant.

The possibility of using column modules, sliding trolleys, and pull-out rooms is an added value of the modern kitchen and allows you to eliminate visible objects and make the most of storage space.

Numerous designs and compositions are possible. They range from the use of simpler models to more modern and stylish models, such as the installation of islands and communication with other environments (open space).

It adapts easily to small and large spaces and is so versatile that you can use secure solutions, but able to enhance the space.

One of the prerogatives of modern kitchens is the possibility of using many materials such as stone, metal, recycled, and eco-sustainable materials.

The latest generation of appliances with clear and sharp lines enhance and enrich the materials chosen.

The various models of doors used in modern kitchens demonstrate how even space as used as the kitchen can be functional and sophisticated.

Sliding, hinged, push and pull doors, with decelerated and retractable closing become the object of modernity and provide significant value to simple environments such as the kitchen.

Thus it becomes an emblem of dynamism and multi-functionality.

Masonry kitchen: between past and future

The combination “masonry kitchen and antiquity” is now an outdated concept.

When it comes to masonry kitchens, reference is immediately made to style, functionality, and elegance. These features find perfect harmony in environments that are both rustic and modern.

The built-in kitchen remembers the warmth, the family and the sharing and makes itself capable of combining tradition with innovation by offering the possibility of combining materials that are also very different from each other and using even the most minimal spaces, succeeding in satisfying the most diverse requests.

It is possible to design some that enhance the environment destined to house them and that make use of the available space, also using custom-made construction.

Some details, such as the central position of the hood, make the masonry kitchen immediately recognizable.

This central element is of considerable importance both from the functional and aesthetic point of view.

It allows, through the activation of the internal motor, the aspiration of the fumes and vapors that are created during the preparation of the dishes. It also furnishes the entire environment thanks to plasterboard coatings, which make it a right decorative element.

Q cuesta type of kitchen becomes a perfect choice for those who want that the environment does not lose the elegance and refinement, but even acquire personality and versatility.

The wooden material and the linear tiles that tend to recall the rustic style are “lightened” by the combination with the latest appliances and top in marble or rough stone.

Marble and rough stone represent excellent material both for cleaning and for contrasting with conventional materials such as wood. This will maintain the characteristics of naturalness and rusticity.

The types of wood most commonly used are walnut, oak, and chestnut, which, when correctly combined with light colors and neutral colors do not weigh down the environment.

The masonry kitchen is, therefore, able, through an active project, to respond to any need and to satisfy even the most complicated requests.

The classic kitchen has always been an appreciated and widely used solution, and it is a kitchen that can be defined as “ageless.”

The link with tradition, the minimal and simple models that distinguish classic kitchens offer the possibility of creating clean, bright, and neat environments.

The sharing and the company that an environment such as the classic kitchen makes available are characterized by the use of materials such as terracotta, brick, and ceramic.

Everything that is exposed like pots, spoons, spice containers recalls tradition alluding to the “kitchens of the past.”

The brick fireplace, the stone or wood hood and the appliances decorated with ceramics and bricks make the classic kitchen an ideal kitchen for both family and guests.

Even the classic kitchen like the modern kitchen provides for the installation of islands and the use of containing modules emphasizing the versatility that the term “classic” tends to mask.

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