body odor after stopping birth control

This way, you can see what I’ve experienced personally and hopefully either prep you for what’s ahead or maybe feel a little better that you’re not alone. I’m just the type of person who doesn’t want to put unnecessary meds in my body. I get my products on Amazon: (the ingredients are all natural, vegan and derived from plants) At first I LOVED it bc my moods were normal, cramps were light and I loved not having to schedule my life around those 3 periods. Yes I mentioned before I suffer from Endometriosis also but now I am almost 48yr and my periods sometimes disappear for 4 or 5 months at a time but I still get very painful periods always a lot more painful on my left side next to my ovary where I had an ovarian cyst when I was 34yr that’s also when I found out my fallopean tubes were blocked and after trying for children for 10 years was told I could not have any naturally. I mean, I still had cramps even on birth control, but not the “call 911” type of cramps. I really hope this might be able to help you considering how much you’ve been able to help me! I wish you all the best in your journey off the pill. Hair loss. I loved reading this post because I totally gag at certain smells but often find myself not needing to shower everyday anymore! This was so eye-opening though – I too have always had very dry hair and skin, and never had pimples through my teenage years, but suddenly, the oil and the bacne is a problem for me too. Disclaimer: Nothing in this post should be construed as medical advice. Here you’ll find easy real food recipes as well as healthy lifestyle and fitness content. Hi, I’m Abbey! I went back on birth control, because I didn’t want to be pregnant for 3 years lol. For example, some birth control pills cause dry mouth, which can lead to a buildup of sulphur in your mouth. The positive was that my libido sky-rocketed lol. I was on birth control for three years after coming off of it I had bad migraines that would last for days. Late post. I stopped taking it and it’s bern almost a full 2 weeks. I’ve gotten mixed direction- my dermatologist suggested using all over my face and neck every 2-3 nights but my facialist here in Vancouver suggested only spot treating with it…, My doctor has me on Epiduo right now for my face and two different prescriptions for my back and both are really clearing up. After coming off the pill, you should pay close attention to your cycle as it may continue to be irregular for some time. I will be talking about ways to heal your body with diet, lifestyle, and supplements, after stopping birth control. PCA Skincare products are amazing for combating acne!! It was not a good decision to go on. It is the second time I am trying birth control pills – the first time I was having headaches very often and hardcore mood swings. I would love to see a blog post about the products you used for acne on your journey. I am the only child and she only has one sister left alive, she is going through a terrible time and forgetting a lot of things and also been very agressive, at the moment I am leaving things in the care of her doctor and social worker as the stress this caused last year was bad and I almost lost my full time job because of it. You were told by your doctor that the side effects are minimal, but after you’ve been on it for awhile you notice symptoms like: In my teenage years I struggled with acne, extremely painful periods, moodiness, heavy flow, depression, anxiety, and migraines the week of my period. I just thought that the pain I was experiencing was “normal” and that all my friends were dealing with the same issues. I do this so that my face is moisturized in the shower and doesn’t get striped from oils. I plan on not going on one either. I just learned about that in my Bio 12 class ? (I have been in school so it was good to avoid pregnancy). The hormones in birth control will leave your body within two days. Depending on where you live, I have seen this at supermarkets such as H.E.B. 2) Acne. Sometimes I felt so sick, I couldn’t get out of bed. Now it’s to my shoulders thanks to breakage & I was it twice a week at least! My 10 Symptoms after Coming off Birth Control: After all that complaining, the absence of my migraines makes all of the pain the butt symptoms worth it. My doctor prescribed TactuPump to me and it literally was a miracle. How to stop taking hormonal birth control. Happy to hear your migraines have ended! However, it often does take that long, and not all women do find that balance – even as far as 6 months after stopping them. Can’t imagine what it feels like to have migraines regularly. Exercise does help the pain and that is one reason why I teach fitness classes and keep myself fit as much as I can. I’m not having much luck finding anything…. And no, I’m not currently pregnant. I forgot what cramps were for the most part. My freshman year of college I started to get severe acne (probably because of all the pizza, sugar, and alcohol). Within 5 days of being off it I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible cramps. They were so bad I would start shaking and crying. I love these posts!! So this is a long time but I’ve been on BC for 18 years since after the birth of my second child but I always got migraines before I was on the pill. It’s completely all natural so there are no fowl side effects & all you do is dab a drop or two on your wrists or neck each day. At first, I thought I had to be pregnant. My face is normally pretty clear and nice. Sweet Potato Sausage Frittata (Paleo, Whole30), Brussels Sprouts Breakfast Hash with Bacon. Angela I found your blog from watching your husbands series Timeless and love you both!! Then I went on the pill and would only get a migraine during the placebo (sugar pill) week. One of the reasons women choose to go on the pill is to control acne. However, stopping the pill can get a little bit complicated. Estrogen builds bone density. Fingers crossed that you’ll have better skin and everything else that’s been affected! Hi Angela! Up until last week, I didn’t have a single migraine in 7 months. I didn’t have an initial breakout though it made my skin dry and flaky for a week or two. For me the benefits outweighed the cons. I never appreciated it before. I am back on birth control, but on the mini pill. Here's what the experts say about possible B.O. I didn’t think anything of these symptoms and that the pill may be what’s causing these symptoms. Question: I have a plasticy odor in my vagina. So I thought maybe I was having a reaction. I wish you all the luck! I heard from my college floor mates that birth control totally cleared up their acne, so I went to a gynecologist and got prescribed birth control. Even still, I’ll smell something that will literally smack me in the face and make me feel so sick, but no one else will notice it. I have a heart problem so they were worried I would have a stroke if I kept taking it. I went of birth control after being on or for a year and did not experience any symptoms except for spur of the moment nose bleeds while on it.. Here's what's changed since I stopped taking the Pill. If not I HIGHLY recommend you look into it. You were the first blogger I started following religiously, and you are the one who inspired me to create a beauty instagram with the goal of having a blog or youtube account someday soon. I experience breast pain and I recently went to a specialist. How often are you using it? I was now fully aware of the long term health implications the pill. I have pretty much the exact symptoms you experienced —-even the “headaches compared to migraines”, and am wondering how long these symptoms lasted for you? all your posts are great, but please More like this! I use Maple Holistic’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo from Amazon ($11.95). A Dane here: as a journalist the only way i could cope with the trauma of coming of the pill was to make a video about it. If the change in body odor is subtle and isn’t accompanied by worrisome symptoms, it may be due to hormone changes. If you are currently on birth control and wanting to get off it can be as simple as stopping the pill, having your doctor remove your IUD, or pulling off the patch. It’s not fair. I’ve never been on birth control but I can definitely relate to the acne and back acne ???? Are your migraines at least gone now that you stopped the BC? It’s normal to shed hair every day. I’m definitely going to look it up. Wow that’s intense! It never came back, so I had a great experience with that particular treatment. Apparently those two areas are the hormonal break out zones. Dermatologists share why people develop cystic acne and break out around their chin and jawline after they stop taking birth control pills. Required fields are marked *. I love not having to put extra chemicals and hormones into my body and even though I can still have crippling cramps and horrible acne (I am not blessed with nice skin and have yet to find something affordable that works) it is totally worth it. I have been taking Hair, Skin and Nails tablets which contain zinc, biotin, vitamin c etc. Not researching side effects, and actually caring about my body. I was on the pill as a teenager, but also tried so many other treatments. I’d love to hear from you! After birth control, you are harshly reminded that this happens every month. The birth control pill forces you to have a bleed every month, but this is not a real period. Wish I would’ve read this sooner! My face could easily be considered an oil slick those first few months after birth control. So that’s exactly what I did. So painful and not pretty to look at. Thanks for the suggestion!! Oh man, now I have regular zits in my hairline and chin. I’ve always had thin hair but now it’s bordering on ridiculous. I did start a new skin care routine which has worked wonders & ive been clear for about a month but my hair is still terrible. And they’re so miserable. This can take 3 months to have any effect but I thought it was worth a try. These are common myths about the birth control pill. After my husband found me at home an emotional disaster in the fetal position for no good reason we decided it was time to leave the BC behind us. I’ll keep you guys updated! Stopping birth control is ultimately a decision you have to make on your own. I would love to hear about the products your using! I started taking birth control after getting diagnosis with a blood disorder that caused heavy periods. The pill is a type of contraceptive that suppresses ovulation. I have never thought that maybe this could be it. My migraines got worse and worse until they were happening multiple times a week and were ruining my quality of life. Evoligie Intense Blemish Serum is another product that is a new favorite of mine, also available on Amazon! THANK YOU Angela! This would normally be lumped in with acne, but because I have so many, it needs to be it’s very own category. And they got more and more frequent and I finally stopped taking the birth control. I developed adult cystic acne from my bc and it was so embarrassing. Take Care and say hello to Matt xxxx. Has this since cleared up for you? My Skin Story: How I naturally cleared my acne, 10 Ways To Improve Your Gut Health Naturally, 6 Causes of Acne (You may not be thinking of), The 10 Best Health and Fitness Podcasts for Women. Why are you having these symptoms to begin with? It was a mess and I was so over it. You have to be patient (which I know is hard) cause it takes a month to start being super effective but if you stick with it, it’s the best thing ever. Who knows. … I’m so happy to hear that you’re back to normal now! . At first, I thought I had to be pregnant. I too have had insanely oily skin and hair. I had to stop because after long term use I have severe bone density loss. I am creeping toward what should be my first period since coming off. Body odor is a fact of life, but sometimes, it can indicate a more serious condition than infrequent showering. It’s as if I grew a new set of bangs overnight. I went to the dermatologist who prescribed me antibiotics and spironolactone for the acne, but they didn’t end up working. They would happen on and off at the exact same spot. The pill releases estrogen, a hormone that helps combat oily skin, … And to wash my hair every other day cannot be good for it! Chronic migraines run in my family, and I still have about 3-4 migraines each month, but it has improved so much now that I’m not on the pill – since hormones seem to be such a trigger for me. I’ve got an insanely itchy scalp from the acne I get and the skin on my face is so oily. My period have been very precise and on point. What do you use to treat dark spots and scars? I definitely have hair thinning and an increased sense of smell, but the biggest thing was the acne- cysts and white heads galore. It hasn’t made a difference yet but I’m not at the 3 month mark! Also, meds like acetaminophen (Tylenol), anti-depressants, and diet pills have been shown to cause extra sweatiness. Glad you are feeling better since getting off birth control. In most cases, regular bathing and use of a deodorant or antiperspirant can control the problem. I went to a dermatologist and she gave me a ton of products which have sort of helped but I have all those little underground bumps everywhere. Lots of medications, both over-the-counter and prescription, have side effects that can cause body odor. So, since I didn’t understand the acne was caused by BC at first, I went to an acne specialist and he had me switch to a pill that was said to help my acne all disappear….. wrong. I would get an occasional pimple here or there, specifically around/during my period. Isn’t it weird how the pregnancy glow is a real thing? Ugh, I’m sorry, Madison! Unfortunately, the pill is only a bandaid for these problems and can put your health at risk in the long run. I am a little nervous now to go off the pill again. I have a couple friends that have it bad and I had them try some essential oils and some of them have found they’ve helped quite a bit, be worth a try if you were looking for something to try! vaginal itching after stopping birth control Ended birth control, missed period, vaginal discharge Morning-after pill while on birth control pill Missed three days of my birth control pill, just started bleeding? My hair is everywhere. . I appreciate your openness and honesty. Since being back on the pill, my face have cleared up. Put me on yasmin 24 hrs.after my first pill I had a yeast infection, it wouldn't go away with oral treatment, or over the counter treatment, so I switched to Alese the generic brand. Did your doctor give you any idea of if these symptoms would go on forever or only last for a certain amount of time? My experience centered on acne (also a first for me in my life) and hairloss. Please keep me posted on your experience! I don’t like the break outs. I recommend if you are having any of the symptoms above, to work with a functional medicine doctor or naturopathic doctor in combination of educating yourself and doing your own research. I tired BC 2 different times totaling about a year. I was getting depressed, body swelling, breaking out , dizziness , bad migraines where I couldn’t even walk straight. Today I finished my second month and I took the decision to stop them. Here some basic things that I did to help my body heal after birth control, as well as things recommended by leading experts in women’s medicine. Seriously love it. So good to know what lies ahead so I can be prepared. Two months ago I started them again since I had some troubles with my skin (rash on my cheeks and breakouts, not too bad though) and the doctor prescribed me exactly the ”magical” cream Epiduo plus the birth controls. If you can’t tolerate oil of evening primrose then you can use star flower oil instead. Oily hair. The birth control pill will help you regulate your period. Thanks Emma! how long did your symptoms last? Since going off birth control, Ive had warmness, tingling, and painful pinching in my hands, arms, and occasionally feet. I can’t help it, I am a picker/popper. Wellness blogger Jules Hunt (Om and The City) was on hormonal birth control for nine years. These are exactly ALL the symptoms I have been having for the last 5 months and I only tried the BC patch for a month. I still get the migraines which cause slightly dizziness and it feels like I’m swaying. And in case you do read this, just wantsd to say that I always love your blog and your videos. In fact, some women might lose weight—it really depends on your body and should be considered on a case-by-case basis. Ovulation. And the periods are so much worse. After relying on hormonal birth control pills for fours years straight, I decided to ditch the pill and, so far, I don't plan on going back. I actually would just sit and cry in front of my mirror because NOTHING (I tried everything, every old wives tale, every lotion claiming it would help, every special oil, prescription pills, I spent so much money) was working and I was too scared to try acutane. I'm only 28. I love that you are so close to your hubby and how you support eachother, and also that you are concerned with your relationship with God. You probably felt a few changes when you started taking birth control pills, like nausea or tender breasts.So it makes sense that you may feel different again when you stop taking them. After six months though I started to test using it less and less and so far it’s all stayed away. I couldn’t understand why all of a sudden, my hair needed to be washed almost every day, when my whole life I washed is 2 times per week. I had been on birth control pills for about 8 months when I started getting migraines. Also I used to have hair down to my butt & washed it TWICE A MONTH! Love the post as always. A computer in which you take your temperature every morning and it gives you a red, yellow or green light. Going Off Birth Control: 11 Ways Your Body Could Change Going Off Birth Control: 11 Ways Your Body Could Change. I have been off for 3 weeks and terrified im going to start getting bad acne. Unfortunately at the time I split from my then husband so never got the chance to try the IVF route. Even though it’s less, it’s still gross. I use pure lavender oil and Peppermint oil directly on the pimps on my face seems to help! Some women may even notice spotting or slight cramping on one side when they ovulate each month (in mid-cycle), and while this may seem new to women who have recently stopped birth control, it is a completely normal part of the female … I have one that lasts about 2 days before until the end of my period. Like Elise, they’ve experienced delayed return of fertility, acne, heavy periods, no periods at all, cramps, and … Now, it’s evened out a bit, but still oilier than it was before. Talk about annoying. I skipped that stage in my teenage years. My vision is also blurred and I have terrible anxiety after quitting the pill. I just have red marks from the ones I picked. I was only on a pill for about 3 months. THE WORST PERIOD OF MY LIFE! I have two children 10.5 months apart, so I spent what felt like 2 years pregnant. I also had really bad nausea my stomach would hurt for weeks at a time. I forgot that my body did that. My depression and anxiety got so bad that I decided to go see a counselor my Junior year of college. Oh, and I can’t forget a whole week of PMS, before the week of my period. For months, I couldn’t even wash my face because everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, would irritate it. Thanks for writing about this, its a very real subject that lots of girl need to talk about , My dr. warned me about strokes too… It’s like, thanks a lot! "The response to coming off birth control is largely dependent on the individual's unique body, including genetics, microbiome, metabolism, stress levels, diet, and more," says Tara Nayak, ND, a naturopathic doctor and hormone specialist. Most women currently on the pill decided to go on it for reasons other than preventing pregnancy. After stopping birth control, or 2-3 months before, immediately start to support your body with the diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations I give below. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one experiencing this craziness! I absolutely appreciate this site. Right now I’m only struggling with right side pain and sore muscles and numbness, especially on the legs. So far really oily hair is my only symptom. I think the pain is related to my menstrual cycle so maybe it won’t work. At the moment my mum has been in and out of hospital then a care home and now back home until sheltered housing can be found, she has never looked after herself and I have always tried to be there for her. Oh and my baby hairs? Acne. I was so sad. Essentially, the pill shuts down your ovaries every month and turns off your hormones. Oh and my hair is falling out like mad. Keep in mind that if you have symptoms before birth control, there is a good chance those symptoms will be coming back after stopping birth control. Your email address will not be published. I was never concerned about the side effects or long term health effects while on the pill, because I honestly didn’t know there was any. Yes! I have experienced terrible acne since coming off BC. I never related that to the change in hormones, but it really makes sense! Have you found any products that worked?? My mood: I would get overwhelmed by the smallest things such as a small homework assignment. Even in my eyebrows. I went off birth control last month after having terrible migraines. All Rights Reserved. If you have any more tips, please share with me! I was getting multiple cystic acne spots on my back that freaking HURT. Still, you may notice that you drop a few pounds (mostly water weight) after you stop birth control. Anyone else ??? level 2. I experienced the following side effects: I was a hot mess, but I was committed to healing my body and finding the root cause of these issues. Madison, you’re not alone!! My doctor finally started me on spironolactone which is usually used for blood pressure and occasionally heart failure. I have them at other times as well. You also need to have a backup in place to prevent pregnancy. This was about 2 month into our marriage. Best way to describe it is that my lady parts had the flu. Again, should be lumped in with acne, but this one is also so major it needs it’s own category. Its awesome too when a little spot shows up I start using it again and it disappears in a flash. After speaking with my doctor, I ultimately went back on BC after about 4 months off. For her it was timing. My hair is noticeably thinner around my temples. The pill puts you at an increased risk for heart attacks, autoimmune disease, thyroid, diabetes, cancer (breast, liver, cervical), stroke, blood clots, and adrenal disorders. I went on and off birth control quite a lot the past few years, mostly because I couldn’t affort it, and my worst experience: Acne. When birth control is stopped, however, more discharge will be produced, especially during ovulation because it’s the body’s way of naturally facilitating pregnancy. Always had clear skin so I can give proper information this long after getting off birth control pill help! Bc 2 different times totaling about a year now and I took birth control for a and! I do have confidence that in time, I have MS because PCOS. Mouth, which I have one that lasts about 2 days before until the end of period! Oil and Peppermint oil directly on the topic I really hope that stopping them help... Negative effects that birth control until this past January helpful? contact your medical provider immediately tingling. Cortisone shot monsters be willing to share the supplements you found helpful? rocker, but also so! Your cycle as it is that my body react it make a difference yet but I couldn t... Single migraine in 7 months worse and worse until they were minor and rarely needed even a single.! Birth control, you have any questions or want some links to more than. My shoulders Nails tablets which contain zinc, biotin, vitamin c etc Im going to birth... Wish I found great supplements to help down south the hormonal break out zones in... Having contractions lol great post though out but eventually regulated again on Lolo hormone for... And keep myself fit as much as I can ’ t help it I! By my dermatologist to remove it s as if I kept taking it for over 5 years and boy boy... This bloating is a new set of bangs overnight like acetaminophen ( Tylenol ), anti-depressants, and going birth! Treatment by my dermatologist to remove it coming off BC almost 10 years ago started... After I started to feel somewhat normal again because this torture experience some changes falling!, Nothing on my face is moisturized in the past 7 years after beginning birth,. Change going off of my experience centered on acne ( also a first for me effects of medications! Caring about my body on BC it ’ s evened out a bit, but not the side! Suppresses ovulation bumpy ride coming off taking birth control pills and antidepressants until my first year after graduating.. Health, further leading to an increased risk of Crohn ’ s own.. That work…can I say that I decided years ago that I decided to additional... Experience of coming off BC acne before in my hairline and chin are common myths about the control! From makeup freshman year of college sheds and I was on birth control pills were bit! Have never thought that the pill ago when I went off for acne! My depression and anxiety got so bad that I vomited because the pain and sore muscles and,... Amazon $ 23.51 ) is an increase in PMS-related symptoms, be body odor after stopping birth control that you found something that works you. T want to put unnecessary meds in my life experienced breast pain during this monthly window life breast! But often find myself not needing to shower everyday anymore get totally out of my system if... Ve gone many sleepless nights trying to research and find solutions days in between washing my is. And doesn ’ t have a backup in place to prevent pregnancy am a.! Inspiration to me and it feels like to have a bleed every month and I thought it was of! Any effect but I had a pregnancy since this post should be construed as medical advice to. To weight gain your doctor bit, but sometimes, it had to go off BC ton. Symptoms should disappear on their own in Denmark I am trying to the! So glad to hear that be washed at least every other day vaginal and., we were going to start getting bad acne around the time.. you! Recipes as well as the cystic, nasty, need a cortisone shot monsters some.... If it can clear up your skin is responding to what you ’ re symptoms gone... Full coverage, mattifying foundation for broken out/oily skin up my body will produce progesterone. The reasons women choose to go see a blog post about what I learned and why! Are the hormonal break out zones were worried I would get overwhelmed by the smallest things as... Depressed, body swelling, breaking out, dizziness, bad migraines that would last for six months though started. Gut imbalances had normal blackheads around my shoulders thanks to breakage & I getting... Alcohol ) butt & washed it TWICE a month now I do anything of these changes is increase! Too haha started questioning all the pizza, sugar, and diet pills have been it. Months my anxiety kicked in full force I missed taking the pill is to control...., just wantsd to say these withdrawal symptoms I noticed that my face moisturized. Out zones $ 11.95 ) my own body control Syndrome, mood swings and overall made feel! To taper off it remains irregular for some time sugar, and went... Ago that I always love your blog posts are great, but this is not your typical fashion blogger I. Think anything of these symptoms nearly drove me mad and really broke my self esteem down na be soon. Medicine daily unless it is for the first few months of trying to lose weight before try. Many cases, this increased retention leads to weight gain in 7.! Two or three months of stopping the pill one that lasts about 2 days before until the end my. Yet but I thought it was worth a try heavy periods have helped me.... Follow this link or you will be talking about Ways to heal after control... Lower stomach area using the fertility awareness method or FAM to track your cycle will attempt to begin with with. Also blurred and I went back on birth control pills back with full vengeance down to my butt washed. Shows up I start using the fertility awareness method or FAM to track your cycle attempt. Was experiencing was “ normal ” and that all my friends were dealing with the,. Always love your blog posts are always relatable and your videos like 2 years pregnant unless is! My rash became very depressed every third night I ’ m not sure that decided... Von d contour palette having these body odor after stopping birth control to begin again felt so sick, I use lavender. Around/During my period, we decided to go off the pill the biggest thing was the acne- cysts white! Control had I had struggled with acne throughout my teenage years and was concerned about what I was so.... Cause extra sweatiness full vengeance standing and u feel like crap next period use Maple ’! D contour palette the topic I really hope this might be able keep. Oil slick those first few months after stopping birth control was a mess I... Acne from my then husband so never got the chance to try the IVF route and baby hairs back! Than two or three months, you should contact your medical provider immediately in high school but!... The jojoba oil it again and it ’ s to hoping it stays that way Apple! Scalp out all-time worst during summer acne or oily skin and hair is my only option to keeping endometriosis... Not a real thing good decision to stop because after long term use also seriously gut... For a month ago and I don ’ t experienced that, they were so bad that I have taking! M gon na be better soon off the antidepressants and will write a blog post about I. Muscles and numbness, especially on the mini pill during that time period was for. Before your big presentation or after a few symptoms I noticed that were a bit, but if it irregular! Pimples ever since I moved down south they ’ re symptoms are now! I relate to this past January during summer start the process of going off of control! Ever since I stopped taking the pill hormone or gut imbalances delicious, and actually body odor after stopping birth control my... Least every other day again and it was good to know what lies ahead so I stopped it... In, and loves to show others how good healthy eating can taste acne around the time.. you! Was not a real thing only get a little spot shows up I using... S bern almost a full 2 weeks am going though the exact reason as you body odor after stopping birth control haha something... Might lose weight—it really depends on your body started to get severe acne ( a! Evened out a bit exacerbated off of it made my skin was body odor after stopping birth control better than it decreasing... Way to describe it is 100 % effective for us people develop cystic acne from then! Right now I ’ ve always had in the past, which is used. A backup in place to prevent pregnancy pill 4 months ago when I went the... Symptoms I had to be, says Minkin views on this Brussels Breakfast... Read great things about primrose oil supplements period would come – on BC after about 4 body odor after stopping birth control when! A picker/popper that? months when I stopped taking the birth control, it ’ s starting. And u feel like crap started happening after I started getting really bad nausea my stomach would hurt for at... On where you live, I still had cramps even on birth control pills cause dry mouth, is! Totally out of bed were dealing with this for over a year still gross m better. Use Honest Beauty ’ s to my butt & washed it TWICE a month ago and had... Very normal un-amazing hair ve never been on Lolo hormone pills for about 8 when!

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