Cubik coffee table: a solution, lots of uses!

Available in milk-white, black coffee, concrete gray, turquoise blue, sky blue, petrol green, sage green, sunflower yellow, cherry red, salmon pink and purple violet, Cubik brings joy to your home.

Thanks to its square and compact shape (only 35 cm in size), the Cubik table adapts to any context that is purely modern or not. On the inside, you will find a magazine rack, designed to keep the house in order. I also see it as perfect for the waiting room of an office or a doctor’s office.

Meccano design rectangular coffee table, for a home furnished in industrial style

The characteristic of Mekkano is the structure that lends itself to creating various compositions.

It is available in two versions, one larger and the other smaller. As you can see in the photo below, the Makkano coffee table consists of two colored tops, joined by four diced perforated bars that give it an industrial style.

By combining the various tables, it is possible to create a low wall cabinet or an original bookcase.

Holders proposed by Mipiacemolto

Mipiacemolto offers small furnishing accessories to organize and optimize spaces at best. You will see how, thanks to the gloveboxes that I will show you to come, you can easily rearrange your squares and above all rearrange the junk that we all have at home and that always create disorder.

Boat magazine rack: fantasy destination

The boat is a beautiful magazine rack that can be placed either on the wall or the ground. It is made of painted metal and lends itself to be mixed with every type of furniture.

In addition to magazines, it can contain objects, keys, but also plants.

The beautiful thing is that they can also be joined together, thanks to clips that will be sent to you in the event of a double purchase. It has dimensions 60 cm x 10 cm x 34.6 and is also perfect for decorating and tidying up a child’s or child’s bedroom.

Car Storage: ready, go, go!

Car is a real object holder with wheels perfect for the living room, but also to contain the games of the little ones. In this regard, it can also be an original gift idea for mothers who love particular furnishings for their children’s bedrooms.

In addition to having an attractive design, it can also be useful for teaching home children the art of reordering from the first years of life. Thanks to the wheels they will be able to transport their games from one room to another and tidy up once they have finished playing.

Car is available in three versions CAR 1 utilitarian L 27.5 cm P 49 cm H 26.6 cm, CAR 2 pickup truck L 33.5 cm W 49 cm H 27.9 cm and CAR 3 convertible L 33.5 cm P 49 cm H 22 cm.

And for the girls in the house? Mipiacemolto has created a perfect solution for women: the Cicada jewelry box with drawer, mirror, and watch!

Cicada: when aesthetics meets functionality

Cicada is an original and funny jewelry box designed to accommodate jewels and accessories, but also make-up and brushes. Imagine it in your bedroom, dresser!

Thanks to the integrated mirror, you can make up and make yourself beautiful in no time at all.

It can also be an excellent gift idea for a friend who loves taking care of herself. When purchasing, you can choose the color of the structure and the drawer, looking for the solution that best suits the nuances and style of your home.

It has dimensions 30 cm x 25 cm x 35 cm

Comb Holder

Still on the subject of an order, especially in children’s bedrooms, Mipiacemolto proposes Pettine, an original desk object, made of metal and always available in many colors.

Thanks to the various movable dividers, your children will be able to maintain order by creating compartments of the dimensions necessary to contain the multiple objects on the desk.

A beautiful, original and design way to embellish and reorganize the study area of ​​young people at home, while still maintaining modern lines suited to their needs.

Now I leave the word to you!

How do you usually rearrange small items in your home? Which of these accessories proposed by Mipiacemolto would you need to give your home design, functionality?

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