Milan Design Week is undoubtedly the most awaited week, not only for professionals but also for all the people who love design, in all its forms.

I must say that this edition of the Salone del Mobile allowed me to touch many innovations that I can’t wait to tell you about here to come.

My week dedicated to design began with a visit to the stand of Moretti Compact, a leading manufacturer of bedrooms for children and teenagers.

For three years it has expanded its offer by opening up to the furnishings of the living area, offering highly customizable solutions complete with TV cabinet, integrated desk and a large modular bookcase of your choice.

The stand hosts numerous novelties such as children’s bedrooms, children’s rooms, double bedrooms, and a new concept of living area.

Before starting my journey through colorful Furniture and design that you will see coming, I have immediately explained in detail the business ethics that is expressed both in the choice and use of certain certified materials and in the production processes.

I immediately understand that safety and ecology are essential characteristics of all Moretti Compact products.

Each piece of Furniture that bares this signature is characterized by excellent, all-Italian quality, guaranteed by the Safety Certified mark for the Furniture issued by COSMOB (Technological Center for the Wood-Furniture sector).

Furthermore, the further Qualitas Premium Hi-Quality InDoor certification bears witness to the meager percentage of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emitted by the furnishings.

Not only the certifications are fundamental, but also the production chain and the management of waste resulting from the production of the products.

Over 90% of waste materials are recycled.

The furnishings are always created using certified materials, such as the LEB ecological panels, produced 100% with FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) recycled wood material.

Given these premises, the first part of the exhibition is dedicated to children and young people.

For two years, I have been a mother of Aurora, and my attention certainly goes to every furnishing solution dedicated to the little ones at home.

Choosing the right bedroom for children is not easy.

In the design phase, it is necessary to take into account not only the organization and optimization of spaces but also the colors and needs of the child or child.

Space then for games of geometry and colors!

The bedroom I would choose for Aurora? Surely the Space4 by Moretti Compact!

It is the most loved product for girls among Moretti Compact furnishings because it allows you to set up two comfortable beds in the space of a foundation only without resorting to loft structures that can be quite uncomfortable.

The main feature that distinguishes this new type of Furniture is the use of more important thicknesses (40 mm) in combination with basic nets with mattresses of equal dimensions 195 cm.

The upper bed with adjustable feet remains fixed while the lower one, equipped with a unique handle and a new type of braking wheels, is completely extracted.

The lower bed is also equipped with two drawers that, on request, can be made in total depth (77 cm) with full extension guides.

The wall boxes suspended above the bed, with different depths and the Dedalo bookcase, form open and closed spaces together and are the ideal mix to organize the area above the bed.

The furnishing is completed by the Square walk-in closet equipped with shelves and clothes hanger rods. Of significant impact and capacity, it knows how to exploit the space to the millimeter and guarantees the complete care of the wardrobe.

This solution was designed to use both beds to their full potential.

When you buy a bedroom for a child or a child from three years of age, you must necessarily think of every situation and need that can arise over the years.

I imagine a slumber party with friends! In an instant, the bed below is extracted and in less than no time you get an extra bed. It will be easy to invite friends at home without having space problems.

And what can we say about this beautiful space created under the desk shelf with mirror and lighting? All the little girls will love it!

Each bedroom must make your dream, combining design and beauty with the fundamental usability of the spaces.

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