The mechanism makes it possible to open the cabinet by sliding the door parallel to the wardrobe. In this way, you will not have doors that invade the room, guaranteeing complete accessibility to the mobile.

This solution is perfect for bedrooms that need to fit into small spaces, where practicality is everything.

And when will Aurora become a teenager? They will undoubtedly change what are its needs in terms of space and design.

We will certainly evaluate a room more in line with its needs. It will surely be a more romantic room, like the one you see coming, perfect for girls who like to create their place at home, without giving up an attractive design.

The wardrobe, with smoked transparent glass doors and internal light, makes this proposal even more elegant.

Even the chest of drawers and the bookcase, composed of asymmetrical tops, transforms this homeroom into the right space for a teenager.

Every girl spends a lot of time in her room, and it is, therefore, appropriate to create, in addition to a studio space, an area dedicated to reading. I imagine it as a welcoming place to spend time with friends, between stories and secrets.

Let’s now move on to the living area proposed by Moretti Compact.

This new living room idea allows you to create endless combinations designed for everyday life.

The living area is elegant and tidy thanks to the possibility of inserting a wall box with a drop-down door (19.2 cm high), necessary to place the TV decoder, which remains hidden from view, but acts through a simple signal amplifier.

The living room is customizable and takes the shape the customer wants.

I immediately thought of all those who need to recreate a study area in the home but have no space available but the living room.

The home office is a prevalent trend in this period, and the solution proposed by Moretti Compact satisfies design, beauty, and functionality.

It is possible to organize an equipped corner in the living room thanks to the suspended desk that orders the environment with simplicity and rigor.

The desktop, 40 mm thick in quartz laminate, is connected to a rear panel always in laminate.

A perfect solution for a comfortable workplace where you can concentrate without distractions.

Ample space for books, ornaments, and vases which, together, create a play of shapes and colors within the wall bookcase you see ahead.

Finally, I would like to remind you that Moretti Compact is an all-Italian company that makes product quality its strong point.

When buying, you need to pay attention to the quality of what you are choosing for your home, from the raw materials that make up the object, to the processes that need to be carried out.

This is especially true if you buy furnishing accessories for your children’s bedrooms or double bedrooms.

Trust companies that hold certifications and follow well-defined security procedures.

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