Today I would like to talk about two dream places located in the north of Sardinia, where luxury is combined with the uncontaminated nature of the Gulf of Asinara (northwest) and that of the archipelago of La Maddalena (in the north-east).

These are two hotels that embody a model of hotellerie that blends naturally with the surrounding landscape. Both are immersed in almost three hundred thousand square meters of green parkland with typical Sardinian flora, and of course all the wonderful geomorphic features of northern Sardinia.

The coasts of this area are very jagged and full of coves and niches where to live the sea in peace. This is the area closest to Corsica, and as far as the resort to the northwest is concerned, the Valle dell’ Erica resort is located near the departure point for ferries to the mouths of Bonifacio, in Corsica.

Delphina Resorts: the Dunes in the Badesi marina

The Delphina Resorts are a series of tourist facilities that boast numerous common features in their hotel units. They are characterized by the formula of widespread units that communicate well with the surrounding environment.

The Le Dune resort is located towards the Gulf of Asinara and immersed in the crystal clear waters of the Badesi marina. It consists of five units that correspond to five hotels, all overlooking this side of Sardinia. Five hotels, but not only: ten restaurants, a SPA, six swimming pools, and a family-centered tourist purpose without forgetting luxury and comfort. The service units located in 280 thousand square meters of greenery and parkland, all at ground level, allow you to experience quality hospitality in complete harmony with the surroundings of the resort, without having the feeling of “prevarication” of the man with respect to the landscape.

The Valle dell’ Erica resort, between 28 hectares of nature and 1400 of coast

The Valle dell’ Erica resort consists of two five-star hotel units. From the point of view of excursion interest, the area in which it is located is extremely interesting: it is possible to visit the uninhabited island of Spargi, the islands of Lavezzi and Cavallo and of course the national park of the archipelago of La Maddalena and the natural reserve of Bocche of Bonifacio in Corsica.

As I mentioned for the Le Dune resort, I like the work of integration between services and landscape, so much so that one of the many restaurants slips gently on the shoreline.

Resort Le Dune and Valle Dell’Erica: Sardinia between comfort and authenticity

Living Sardinia, with its most true characteristics, without giving up luxury and quality hospitality, is possible thanks to these two Delphina complexes.

Where would you rather go?

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