Rippotai is one of these!

If you remember, a few months ago I told you about it, presenting their design products made of cardboard.

But do you know what Rippotai means? In Japanese, it means cube.

These boxes fully embrace the eco-design philosophy according to which everything is reused to the fullest by not creating unnecessary waste.

Through imagination, it is possible to recreate many products, above all, starting from the cardboard.

Furnishing a home according to the philosophy of eco-design and respect for nature and the environment is not that difficult.

It is enough to consciously choose furniture and furnishings with an eye to the materials and production processes.

And it is precisely on this philosophy that Rippotai was born that, from a highly eco-sustainable material like cardboard, has created design objects that are inevitable in every home that respects itself.

Here is, in the video, you see to come, a roundup of all their products presented during the Milan Design Week 2019 in the Tortona area at the Fuorisalmone.

Rippotai launched a brand new product during the Salone del Mobile: Soundpotai!

It’s a real soundbox.

The peculiarity lies not only in the design, but also and above all in the quality of the sound emitted.

Thanks to the innate characteristics of the cardboard, it is possible to obtain optimal sound propagation, unattainable with other types of speakers.

Where you can buy Soundpotai

Soundpotai, like all Rippotai products, is made of recycled material and is assembled without the use of glue, and is therefore highly sustainable.

Even the plant is made without the use of screws, plastic or metal joints, but through bones of the cardboard parts, cuts and holes that allow the housing of the amplifier and power cables without adding materials to the multilayer cardboard of the box same.

How to buy Soundpotai?

It is necessary to become part of the Soundpotai community by registering and participating in the launch campaign to gain access to exclusive benefits and to buy Soundpotai at a unique price.

During the Salone del Mobile, I was able to listen to the music emitted by this incredible design object!

I couldn’t believe my ears!

The music sounded completely different from other stereo systems.

I appeal to all the purists of sound: trust me, the propagation is incredible!

In addition to Soundpotai, Rippotai, for the occasion, exhibited their entire range of products ranging from designer lamps to container poufs.

Rippotai design lamps

The Rippotai shop offers a variety of lights decorated with exceptional graphics. They range from some more geometric to purely floral, recalling an exotic and tropical mood.

Design lamps, like all Rippotai design objects, are made of cardboard with a thickness of 1.4 centimeters.

Unlike what you may think, these furnishings are durable.

The cardboard has the characteristic of being one of the few light materials but at the same time robust and resistant, above all, if worked and properly folded.

All Rippotai furnishing objects are CE certified, they are fitted with an exclusive design, without the use of additional glues.

This implies safety and respect for the home environment and for the air we breathe at home.

We often underestimate this aspect, but it is essential to pay attention to this detail during the purchase phase.

The cardboard that is used to produce the Rippotai furnishing accessories is made using a 90% recycled cardboard with certification according to Fefco standards.

The security and certifications held by Rippotai are fundamental, especially if you decide to allocate these design furnishings to the children’s bedrooms.

Think of how the rippotai storage pouf can be perfect for keeping your children’s games in order. It is easy to lift and gives joy thanks to the colorful graphics printed on the walls.

The Rippotai signed storage boxes also lend themselves to being stacked one on top of the other to form a bookcase. Think about how your living room can easily acquire a unique and genuinely personalized look.

What can I say, all you have to do is have fun choosing the products you want for your home on the Rippotai website, mixing truly original colors and patterns!

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