Today in my Fillyourhomewithlove furniture and interior design blog, we tackle a topic that you enjoyed a lot in the past!

As you know, this is the shabby chic paint par excellence, with its classic matt chalk effect that gives new enamel to aged and disused furniture.

Well, the landscape of shabby chic paints is widening, especially with regard to the furniture in the living area.

Indeed, it is precisely here that buffet furniture, sideboards, coffee tables, and bookcases are displayed in all their splendor.

Now we describe below, one by one, all the new trends that, as we shall see, give a new tone to shabby furniture, perhaps more colorful and imaginative.

Shabby chic paints for the pearly living room

One of the most important trends (perhaps more ” chic ” than “shabby”) is the pearl nuance. The latest generation shabby chic paints cover the living room furniture with very delicate and elegant pearly shades.

In environments that are well lit with natural light, these pieces of furniture give their best and have a strong visual impact.

The colors are not just shades of white: many pearly tones add glamor to the stays in this style.

Crackle paint as a shabby chic paint for the living room

What is ” crackle paint “?

It is an effect thanks to which the varnish of a piece of furniture appears aged and crumbled .

Thanks to chemical agents in the liquid solution, once dried, the paint seems to have a flaky consistency. This “flayed” tone is very pleasing to those who love this style in its fullest identity.

Wax paint: colored waxes like shabby chic paints for the living room

With the tinted wax, given as a finish, great effect tone on tone and light-dark shades are obtained.

The wax naturally also has a protective and polishing effect, but in my opinion, the most exciting function is that linked to details.

In the inlays and the most hidden details, the wax remains thicker and highlights them, enhancing their beauty.

Ombré: shabby chic paints for the living room with shades of color

This is the most cheerful and colorful trend in this style. The primary tone is virtually blended into many other shades.

The transition from one nuance to another is softened by the use of waxes of which we have already spoken.

The overall effect is very harmonious and gives a lively and sparkling tone to the whole living room.

Of course, these paints and this technique can be used to shade even just two shades.

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