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In fact, my ‘most favorite’ app for the Apple Watch doesn’t even run on the Apple Watch. What are your least favorite countries/places? For example, to have it vibrate when your HR goes above 153 while running. With the Apple Workouts app, yes. Those three dots are at the most important point. I would wear my Garmin 235 for runs and used the AW for lap swimming. I skipped Apple Watch 3 last year after reading DCR talk about GPS accuracy issues. Thanks. Is that too much to ask, Apple?! There are apps that will upload workouts to Polar Flow or Garmin Connect, but those services only consider workouts from their own devices when analyzing recovery. It’s not equivalent to a traditional triathlon mode because the activities will be recorded separately and you don’t get transition times, but it’s handy if you’re in the gym switching between different type of exercise. has anyone compared the gps from the apple workouts watch app to the strava apple watch app? Nice! Here’s the data from that: Like usual, it takes about half a minute for the Apple Watch to acquire HR after pressing start: At which point, it honestly produces the best wrist-based optical HR sensor track I’ve ever seen during a bike ride. The app also has a very powerful workout editor for interval training and can export the workout data to a lot of services (TP, Strava, etc) or send it to dropbox. While Apple has a vast store for apps for the Apple Watch, there still is no store for watch faces for the Apple Watch, nor any method for external developers to customize these. For most data, you can view it directly in Apple Health, via the ‘Health’ App on your phone. Check out link to at 3:25 in for details. But at the end of the day, you might just be wondering “What does Ray use when not testing new products?”. Do you see support for other BTLE sensors (cycling power specifically) coming to the Apple Watch anytime soon? The Watch tracked my heart rate reliably throughout a variety of workouts and throughout the day. Sure, just press the crown and side button simultaneously. the gps (which i care most about) is decently accurate but still leaves a lot to be desired when compared to the performance i see on garmins. And the GPS sensor (or again, algorithms) is also improved, in many cases producing better results than Garmin, Suunto, or Polar’s latest wares. I’ve done 30 minute pool swims recently. Starting a HIIT exercise workout in the native Activity app, I usually get a HR reading within 10 seconds. There is no black and white answer. link to But because during our badge battles at work we depleted the ones that were obtainable (or doable by mere mortals…) I started to use my Apple Watch, I’ve read this as I came a step closer buying the new Vivoactive 4. Though, 3rd party apps could certainly implement it. For a variety of reasons I’ve been wearing my AW3 continuously during the day, including rides. Before we move on to the test results, note that optical HR sensor accuracy is rather varied from individual to individual. But I’m wondering how big an annoyance the lack of always on screen is. Of course – no part of any Apple product is designed to appeal to the niche. Apple Watch Series 4 user opinions and reviews. Or at least, that’s what Apple tells itself. That’s been pretty consistent for me this last month. With either type of swimming the Apple Watch will also log how many metres you swim for each different kind of stroke you use and break it down for you on the watch afterwards. I agree with you about the qualitative experience. Accurate HRM and GPS don’t matter if you can’t keep them on because your battery will die and if you find reading the information difficult during the workout. @Ray in terms of differences between standard and Nike+ versions, all S4 have a ceramic and sapphire crystal back. In any event, let’s look at another run, this time without the swooshes since there frankly weren’t enough tight turns for Apple to get into its swooshing groove. The Apple Watch Series 4 is the most popular smartwatch (according to Apple), and in the apple watch series 4 review we will do our best to deliver as much detail as possible to help you decide if this watch is for you, and if so, which one, for Apple does offer different choices as we will soon discover. There’s no question about that. It doesn’t seem to matter on the sport, it’s more stable in a large number of scenarios. Seriously. Also the comparison of gps tracks is meaningless. It’s as if it was doing a time-based smoothing instead of a distance-based smoothing. I paid my two bucks or what-not for all of them…and plenty more.). I only ride my bike, and even if I were to run just for the estimate I doubt it would be accurate (unless I’m missing something). If so, is it App specific, meaning – do I need to track the run initially with a specific App? The AW3, by contrast, shows a brief spike at the beginning but quickly settles down to the right values. That’s particularly good news because Apple has introduced several new features, including alerts if your heart rate drops to an unusually low level, to go along with the existing alert if it rises to an unexpectedly high level when not exercising. See link to or link to ... so you can't use it to track swimming). I was definitely bummed out on race day, realizing there wasn’t a chance the battery was going to last for even half the race. See, normally when you have a fitness GPS watch and go to the sport modes two distinct things happen: 1) GPS acquisition begins: It goes out and finds satellites. The only way to unlock it is to turn the crown for a second. I can use my Hr strap, but I start to wonder if it’s even necessary…. This in addition to GLONASS support. Do you think this cadence information is available for third party apps? Released 2018, … Which, if they read anything from this post, they should understand that. I’m curious whether any of the third-party apps let you get a solid HR lock (and/or GPS, but I’m more interested in HR lock) before actually starting your workout. Each lap is split into 9 segments. But I only manage to export activities and no steps. Too bad there isn’t a way to leave the screen on for some workouts. Three hour bike rides with the phone in my jersey results in 10% +/- battery usage. Wanna create comparison chart graphs just like I do for GPS, heart rate, power meters and more? IS IT THAT HARD TO DO? It’s not safe to intentionally take your hand off of the handle bars and flick your wrist at your face when you’re riding a bike. Last year when I reviewed the Apple Watch Series 3 I’d often get false-positive alerts for the elevated HR (when it wasn’t actually elevated). Presumably there are different algorithms at play behind the scenes that decide how many more calories table tennis burns than yoga, with your heart rate feeding in to them. (using your favorite – silly or non silly looking – BT audio source… . Yeah, I’ll upload a few more sets to the end of the post for those that want to dig in. You can select up to 5 custom metrics to be included: Over the last year within Watch OS 5 they’ve added the rolling pace option, which helps to stabilize slight fluctuations in GPS pace (or your pacing) by giving you the average of the last mile – constantly. 2. The biggest factor is likely the environment in which you run. That’s why I didn’t think that particular data point was a fair thing to point to for the notion you were suggesting (which still may ultimately be true — I just wouldn’t point to the IMWC as evidence of it). Once running (or riding or whatever) you’ll see your stats displayed. Next, we’ll head up to the frigid north of Canada into the mountains and forests for a run under tall snow and ice covered trees with mountains/cliffs on all sides. Unfortunately I don’t think such an app exists. The variable tensions available with Velcro make a snug fit easier. There are a few apps that do cadence sensors, but only a single app that I’m aware of that does power meters, and it requires a pretty hefty monthly subscription. AW showed about 100Cal less burned ( though who cares), but HR was +/-2 BPM same as Garmin chest strap. For example, there’s inexplicably no native option to just connect your watch/phone to Strava and upload workouts from Apple Watch to Strava. On the page from the Global Head Referee in the Athlete’s Guide, it says, “UNAUTHORIZED EQUIPMENT — Absolutely NO communication devices, cell phones or audio devices of any kind may be used while competing.” In addition, later in the Athlete’s Guide it says, “Communication devices of any type, such as cell phones and two-way radios are strictly prohibited during competition. I only ask because I seem to remember getting iPhone messages on a some third-party run apps instructing me to turn on WiFi for more accurate GPS tracking. Or, just 7 days of ring closing. @Ken – That still doesn’t give you transitions and it just records the additional sport as a new workout in the Activity app. Can you tell me if you can see your current pace (km/h) when doing an outside run? Every time I went to press the crown to pause the workout it just went to the home screen instead of pausing the run. 2. I’ve tried all the watches multiple times over a measured course, and the results are consistent: AW3 is spot on, while the others are off by between 5% and 15%. AutoSleep: I touched on this above a bit, but Apple itself doesn’t have any sleep tracking. But it could take longer in tough locations like NYC. (or an Apple Watch 4 obviously) That’s wonky. Instead, it runs on my phone. I had to Is this GPS dependent or app dependent, I use Nike run club app with the watch? Just wanted to clear that up. Be it the more limited battery life than others, the not-always-on screen, or just the lack of a multitude of buttons; it’s not likely to dominate the endurance market anytime soon. It’s time for Garmin, Suunto, and Polar to up their game. I’ve had two Apple Watches (series 0 and series 3) and two Garmin watches (Fenix and Epix). I’m from the Garmin world and find this to be super helpful (especially with old man knees, gotta know when I need new shoes before my knees tell me). Looking at total distance can hide cumulative errors, e.g. Nothing has changed here from past Apple Watches, but when you have a system this good there’s no need to mess with it. Sworkit and Seven are two such apps, with both providing the exercises you should do and how long you should do them for, with pictures on the watch screen showing the correct form for the exercise. I’m upgrading at the end of the week from a Series 3 to a Series 4, and wear it when I swim (3x a week, 2km each time). Specifically, these platforms. It’s a seriously good-looking Watch and there are some lovely new watch faces with different-coloured smokes and flames. in terms of average heart rate for the whole workout). Tidal information is available on the Apple Watch via an app called Tides. But in time I’ve actually come to appreciate details on it. Click above for all the details. Just not my cup of tea for what I do. That way you could take your apple watch and iphone (or ipad) to a gym treadmill and easily do a zwift workout with both cadence and heart rate. Great bunch to work with over at Stryd when you need help or have questions too. And by ‘controversial’ I mean that most tech reviewers skip right over it, but it’s what fundamentally separates the Apple Watch from all other fitness wearables today. However it’s annoying that apple doesn’t add simple software features to their running app that would make it so much better. Fair enough. Thank you. But some people prefer the always-on aspect of other brands. the precision) is poor. But then again, as you alluded to – you’re still just upset that I think Airpods look silly. thanks for your input – appreciated! Speaking of which, I talk about RHR values and 24×7 monitoring here and why it’s interesting. FirstBeat)? The WorkOutDoors app can be configured to alert when heartrate exceeds a set min or max (or max/min cadence/speed/pace, or at intervals of time/steps/distance/calories). I just switched from a Garmin 235 (which died) to an Apple Watch (v4). However, RunGap can read data from just about any service, and it can successfully write the full workout data to Health. It uses the GPS, barometer, and motion sensors in the watch to provide running power without a footpod. The watch has settings that indicate what should be shown upon wakup (the clock face, the most recent app, etc. And I’m not entirely sure they’re wrong. Except, they don’t really call it competing here – instead, it’s just ‘Sharing’. But when I had the chance for my first XC ski a few days ago (we got about 8 inches in an early storm) I left it at home. Note that the Apple Watch can connect to 3rd party Bluetooth Smart heart rate straps, in the event you don’t trust the optical HR sensor. So it’s 2 watches for me right now! I am a Garmin 230 user and an Apple Watch Series 3 user. Are you able to set more than one? But it’s the most important one I have. With the addition of GPS (in the Apple Watch 2) and Apple Music streaming on the new Watch, you could make an excellent case for the Apple Watch 3 being one of the best running watches on the market. Sometimes over reporting; sometimes underreporting. Good runs/rides/etc to everyone! Maybe HealthFit -> SmashRun -> GC?? While many of us learn to swim at school, plenty of people never return to the pool as an adult. While you’re swimming, the MySwimPro Apple Watch App will display your workout time, average 100 pace, real-time heart rate, and cumulative calorie burn. They don’t have any fitness centric metrics other than VO2 max. Yeah, that’s as far as I know as well. Hey I resemble that remark about Windows Phone :-p, I hear you – it was a tough decision for me to abandon that platform after I smashed my 950 about a year ago It’s like they both drew the same picture but one called it something significant different than the other. In dogged fashion the company just keeps chipping away at its smartwatch, and each time it gets better a wobbly track that shows long is cancelled out when a corner is cut, reading short. Personally I use Apple watch 3 for all day use, walking, swimming with the kids and weight lifting. Not the Apple apps, but there are plenty of third-party ones that do. – Water on the screen (e.g. Please tell me why . Does it outperform a FR Garmin 920XT or even a FR 910XT. Simplest thing for you to do would be to buy a recent Garmin Edge, like the 530 or 830 (or maybe the Wahoo ELEMNT devices can do it, I’m not sure). Simply nope. It’s something to check occasionally in the Activity app to see if your fitness is improving, as is your resting heart rate, which is another solid indicator of your overall cardiovascular fitness. While I have seen some very minimal “swooshing” by the AW4, it is no nearly as bad as the shitshow that my 5X is on occasion. Look at a. gpx file from your device – there are x, y, z, t co-ordinates – there is no distance or pace in the file. The only app that directly uploads activities from the Apple Workouts app to Garmin Connect is RunGap, and RunGap will not automatically upload workouts as you have to open the app to get it to sync. Plus, the yet to be implemented ECG feature. The optical HR sensor (or perhaps the algorithms Apple is using) is different. I know that GPS tracks are a tricky thing, but I’ve been getting pretty horrible tracks using the iSmoothRun app. The AW4 has been a game changer for me. Great review, but one of the new features that didn’t seem to get a mention, was the new fall detection, Which can detect a fall and notify emergency services and next of kin. Will you test our product before release? Basically, it’s like having a mini version of a Garmin Fenix 5 Plus (or 5X) series watch. Review: Apple Watch Series 4 puts other smartwatches to shame Apple doesn't like to lose. All that said, your 2 watches were only off from each other by about 2% which is actually pretty good. It usually takes less than 10 seconds. Thanks yor your replies! If one were to pull out a feature comparison of the Apple Watch Series 4 versus the Series 3, specific to sports and fitness, they’d likely just go ‘shrug’. If you're shopping for the Apple Watch Series 4 or any other accessory items, please consider using the affiliate links below! Especially since the new Apple Watch 4 commercial shows that dude running against himself and then diving into the ocean I was hoping for a dedicated multi-sport mode. Picked up Suunto 9 this year, and was really disappointed with the OHR – (I have little sissy wrists). Also, if your gym has gear that’s compatible with Apple’s GymKit functionality, then you can utilize that as well. It costs a few dollars but does lots of neat stuff. Well, actually, there was this one time where it swooshed its way around this corner, cutting it: Phew, I was worried for a second that it had lost its swooshing mojo. Some apps require you to ‘start’ and ‘stop’ your sleep, which I find silly and 1980’s like. For many people that first 30 or so seconds probably isn’t as critical as the rest of the run. i never noticed this… For those AW3 owners with AW4 envy, you may not need to upgrade. The Apple Watch 3 and 4 support GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS (a Japanese satellite system). I think it’s time to throw away that one, it’s got something up. In any case, moving along to the important part – the intervals: Just going to highlight some key takeaways here: A) The chest strap was definitely struggling at the peaks of each interval, but that’s fine for the purposes of showing you what’s going on here. it depends of what you you are looking for in terms of GPS “accuracy”. But, as you can see – that’s no longer the case. However, with the Series 4 those problems seem to have been solved. @dcrainmaker the Amazon link does not work. And it’s a fun to use accessory to the iPhone. The latter is particularly useful, showing your pace over the last mile or kilometre. See those other companies do have smart replies for some of their newer devices on Android phones. C) There’s virtually not a single item to nitpick on this interval from the Apple Watch’s optical HR sensor. Hope you can help me, maybe with a 3th party workout app? You can also use HealthFit for a one-time price. I think at about 20 minutes, I tightened and readjusted the Apple Watch, so that the 40 minutes following track pretty nicely. Anyway, one more track, this time a cycling track. If the watch gets my distance (and pace) right, I don’t really care if it shows me on the wrong side of the street. Below, a snap from Apple’s keynote about it. link to All that said, I think the best approach is multiple trials each on various, strictly measured courses. Using the Workout app on the watch, when first activity is complete, swipe right and tap the plus sign, then select second activity. Actually, wait…one last thing. My swim workouts are pretty much always just a long steady swim. Previously their announcement keynote events were full of sports and fitness highlights. Ray, I also noticed that when I ran with my phone and the Apple Watch, the GPS tracking was not as accurate as when running with the watch alone. had one for my first AW(2). 2) Optical Heart Rate acquisition begins: While Apple is constantly monitoring your HR in a 24×7 mode, it’s actually doing so with a different set of lower power sensors to save battery life. I really enjoy running with the series 4 and have also found that the HR sensor is super accurate. I have lots of workouts just called ‘Outdoor Run’ or ‘Pool Swim’. And again, I’m also not sure they’re wrong here either. texts/calls/etc...), Live Tracking (streaming location to website), Emergency/SOS Message Notification (from watch to contacts), Built-in cellular chip (no phone required), Running Dynamics (vertical oscillation, ground contact time, etc...), Sorta (2 preloaded ones, but no customization), Records PR's - Personal Records (diff than history), Download courses/routes from phone to unit. Given it was specifically highlighted in the Athlete’s Briefing by the referee, and how such highlighting was consistent w/ the language in the Athlete’s Guide (rather than the rule you cite), I decided to not use my Apple Watch during the race. You can check out my work and inspect the data yourself by googling my handle. Ok, so in my testing, I simply use the watch throughout my normal workouts. Sorry if I missed that somehow in the Review or comments section: If I use the AW4 together with the Wahoo TICKRX, Both indoor and outdoor swims are tracked on the Apple Watch, and with the latter the GPS is engaged so you get a map of your swim in the Activity app on your phone afterwards. I’ve been using a AW and I have one question about the calorie calculations for workouts. One thing to note about the Apple Health not being in the cloud. RECOMMENDED: Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers. ), Watch app (on the iPhone) -> Workout -> Start Workout Reminder One thing that I think DCR review lacks is commentary on the qualitative experience of using Apple Watch while working out. One thing I would add that is a big drawback – Cannot edit workouts on the watch, in the activity app, or in apple health. Below it sits a secondary box with the watch bands: That box includes the bands that you’ve selected as part of your watch. I’m kinda a ‘if it works don’t try and fix it’ kinda guy. So I was delighted to see its inclusion in watchOS 5, which syncs your Apple Podcasts app library when it’s charging. I personally leave the power save mode and running pause off, since I want all the data! I never use the activity stuff on my Apple Watch (even have the rings turned off), but it just works so much better as a smart watch than my Garmin devices. It’s as if it’s cornering itself around a race track and goes a bit wide initially to hit the inside corner at the turn. If you are, however, an obsessive runner, cyclist or triathlete, you might be better served by something like the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus or Fitbit Ionic, which do a better job of sports tracking and still offer some smart features like music and notifications, even if the Garmin and Fitbit app stores are minuscule in comparison with Apple’s. This actually serves two purposes. In the Strava app I do see the current HR. On top of that, I’d like for it to be able to do that even if the watch is in a jersey pocket instead of on a wrist. It’s only a 50k, and I’ll probably finish in under 6 hours, but based on my testing so far the AW3’s battery won’t cut it. You can do what I do, wear the Apple Watch and use something else, like your 230, to do the actual tracking when you’re doing a real activity. Battery still lasts for the training I do (even long rides). I have ordered one and should arrive Monday. Thanks for another great review, Ray. Maybe they’re of interest! Hi – looking at your YouTube video on the open water mega test am I right in thinking that the best watch for open water swimming is the Apple Watch? we will add siri start/pause commands as well shortly. I bought the watch because of your review. This makes it hard to draw conclusions by doing just one trial per course or even just one trial on 30 different courses. I would like to be able to walk around, speak to the watch or press an app to add a waypoint, name it, add a note, and then easily add them to a GPX file later. Save this story for later. Nice review Ray, I think Apple watch series 4 is the best smartwatch so far. But I want to start with the first 30 seconds though. I run routes that I’ve run for years and believe the garmin is more accurate of the 2. 1) Does the screen stay on during workout or does it require glances or something else to turn it on? So this is using the native GPS on the watch itself. Apple is in between, much closer to the lab values. I compared it against the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, Suunto 9, Polar Vantage V, Suunto Trainer, and COROS Pace – and it easily beat all of them. Some 3rd party apps have more details, but again, not Apple themselves. Like quinoa, you’ll either love it or hate it. With the new Apple Watch Series 3 comes a fresh new operating system: watchOS 4. Great review! All of the data goes into the massive repository that is Apple Health, which is accessible to apps (with your approval) via HealthKit. But it’s not a perfection in terms of knowing every app on earth. Almost every app you have will have some form of Apple Watch companion app. Next, the individual repeats variations of this line a few different ways “but it is not meant to be a medical grade device”. In iSmoothRun you can set up HR zones and then set an audio alert whenever you move from one zone to the next. Apple Watch Series 4 Review: 6 Months Later The ultra-personal ambient always attached computing presence. Then hit up Wiggle at the link below! And it’s during these three seconds that the most ‘controversial’ element of the Apple Watch comes to light. As for which device is more accurate, there’s not one answer for this. Anyone knows what’s going on with Wahoo Tickr-x? Even more, if you use or Competitive Cyclist with coupon code DCRAINMAKER, first time users save 15% on applicable products! Satellite feed imagery is taken straight-down in all consumer imagery I’ve seen in mapping services to date (either way, it’s an option in Google Maps as to how its presented, so not really an issue). You get reminders to move at ten minutes to the hour if you’ve been sedentary for the past 50 minutes. Depending on your perspective – this could fall under either camp. Even if I have absolutely zero use whatsoever for 80% of the information on the screen. Some reviews are over 60 pages long when printed out, with hundreds of photos! The latter is the only goal you can’t hit just by working out that day, because you have to move around at some point within each hour to get a point towards your goal. The arrival of watchOS 5 brought some notable improvements for runners, including cadence (stride rate) and rolling pace stats. Like most things, there are differing categories and obviously different things fall into said categories. I have no interest in the time i’ve spoiled running my last mile/kilometer but I want to see if i’m running 10 km/h or 12km/h when I turn the watch. I’ve never had a dropout while running outside with my airpods (something you also don’t review) i think I know why though. Note the little squiggle that you see to the right side of the map was real, we went off the road to look at the elk. Thank you for the – as always – most helpful and insightful review of the apple watch. There’s both a medium/large strap as well as a smaller strap in every box. But in order to get that data to those platforms I have to use a 3rd party app – and without question my favorite is HealthFIT+. True, but these days it’s actually pretty rare to see misalignments in satellite data (which is what I primarily use for my comparisons). Sorry if it was asked, but I searched GEAR and did not find anything – does the watch/native app support tracking miles on your shoes? Just take iPhone with you and you will finish with 65% or more. I use HealthFit+ for all my data exporting. I raised this concern because I have been using fitbit for 3 years and actually found that when you go up the hill, your HR reading is incredibly low, say 90-100, which is even lower than simply walking, while the actual feeling is very tough, at least 150bmp or above. I never understood this since I’m not running around my WiFi-range kitchen. Read Apple Watch Series 4 review (Image credit: Apple) 6. Or is this a solved problem for most units made in the last ten years? One question in regard to the autosleep app, is it a one time purchase or is it a subscription? As the title of this post implies, this is about sport and fitness. With that, I never get a VO2 entry in the health app… just NEVER. But I got AW4 as gift. Or I’ll just return to use the Garmins. The green Exercise ring fills when you complete 30 minutes of activity each day. ), but they are ignored when any activity is being recorded. Everything within the Apple Watch social ecosystem feels very ‘dark’ and impersonal. All rights reserved. Is there a way to use it to transmit to one of the phone apps like one would use a Scosche Rhythm?

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