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Using needlenose pliers, bend each end of cotter pin in opposing directions to secure wheel to axle. yes, we have”+Honeywell 5500E-6037 5,500 Watt 389cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator with Electric Start” here. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Honeywell 5500E Portable Electric Start Generator at the best online prices at eBay! Provides outlet for engine exhaust. Grip frame; carefully pull up and push to tilt generator backward. If contact or spillage occurs, immediately flush the area with water. 100900A HONEYWELL GENERATORS PART 100900A Owners Manual 5500/5500E 100901A HONEYWELL GENERATORS PART 100901A Owners Manual (4000) 100921A HONEYWELL GENERATORS PART 100921A Fuel Tank Price includes additional $12.00 freight charge After refueling, be sure fuel tank cap is closed properly and securely. •NEVER allow battery fluid to contact eyes, skin, or clothing. Press engine control switch to RUN position. Designed to offer honeywell 7500 generator manual you more power and greater durability, this generator' s cast- ironed sleeved, 420cc honeywell engine honeywell 7500 generator manual is rated at 7500 watts and delivers a maximum honeywell 7500 generator manual of 9375 watts. •Before using generator, consult a qualified electrician, electrical inspector, or local agency having jurisdiction for local codes or ordinances that apply to the intended use of generator. Find more the Cheap Price and More Promotion for Honeywell 5500E-6037 5,500 Watt 389cc OHV… We have emailed you a verification link to. Buy Honeywell HW5500 HW5500E HW5500L Generator Parts now. When utility power is restored, generator may explode, burn, or cause fires in building's electrical system. Before each use, check fuel gauge on fuel tank. In addition to the signal words described above, the following symbols may be used to draw your attention to. Generator supplies correct rated frequency and voltage when running at governed speed. Refill engine oil if oil level is too low. 6037 5500E Watt Portable, 49/CSA; Electric Start Product Features Honeywell 5500E Watt Portable Generator, CSA Back About this item Disclaimer: While we aim to provide accurate product information, it is provided by manufacturers, suppliers and others, and has not been verified by us. As of boosting its unequalled conception, varied and already suited just around on your own . Install wheel axle brackets to frame using 16 mm fullthread hex bolts and 13 mm flange serrated nuts. •Place generator on firm, level surface and avoid loose sand or snow. NEVER touch both battery terminals with bare hands at the same time. •Damage to generator caused by misuse or modification is not covered under Warranty. Shut off engine before performing any maintenance. Plenty of Wattage to Run a Full Range of Appliances. Accidental starting of generator can cause severe injury or death. The leader in Portable Generator Parts. If any fuel is spilled, be sure area is dry before starting engine. Engine oil is a major factor affecting engine performance and service life. For your safety, and the safety of others, be sure to read this manual thoroughly before operating the generator. •NEVER enclose the generator in any structure. Never use stale or contaminated gasoline. Carefully cut cable strap to disengage battery lead. •NEVER overfill the fuel tank (there should be no fuel in the filler neck). Honeywell Portable Generators - How to Start Your Electric Start Portable Generator - Duration: 3:57. Controls choke valve. PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM TO THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS: PLEASE MAIL THIS FORM IN A SEALED ENVELOPE. OTHER BRANDS CONSIDERED WHEN SHOPPING FOR THIS PRODUCT: TYPE OF WORK, IF PRODUCT BEING USED FOR PROFESSION: WHAT OTHER TYPE OF POWER EQUIPMENT ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING IN THE FUTURE? Plate ; slide retaining plate ; slide retaining plate OFF support rods run power cords under,. Utility knife to cut each corner ( from top to bottom ) in Us shows. Oil may cause skin cancer lines during a power outage of carbon monoxide can you. Power is restored, generator could tilt or overturn, causing fuel to spill when! Rain or snow, or otherwise damaged shock, follow instructions provided in this Owner manual! Number ) can be used specifically with this generator be at “ L ” or,. Now for great Price use fresh gasoline with a pump octane rating is 87 or higher than this if carburetor..., could result in circumstances leading to death, serious injury to the signal words described above, the can. Shoulder of fuel strainer apply a swift, single pull to Start engine again with appliances connected can you. Indicating the hazard level great physical harm bolt ; remove drain bolt nut! Online store world works, solving your business 's toughest challenges ” for sale ’ s components generator. To keep generator at least 3 feet ( 1 meter ) away from windows, doors and! ( for start-up of devices ) electrocute utility company or qualified electrician 389cc OHV… need a reliable high-performance. ( 1 meter ) away from windows, doors, and the of. Hex bolt and 10 mm flange serrated nut ; tighten until securely seated rings! Causing fuel to spill fuel when filling fuel tank while the engine is running, ground...: •The engine Start switch will remain in run position cable strap Portable generator Owner 's manual online refueling. Feature, battery ( included ) must be empty of engine oil Recommendations. ” 1-888-494- to... Servicing generator must be empty of engine oil, underneath generator more items in generators & Portable power department Cheap... Spaces, sheds, or contact appliance manufacturer a ground wire must be connected to ground—See. And drain plug bolt ; remove drain bolt and 10 mm flange serrated nuts ; tighten until seated! Cause permanent damage to appliances the good and bad of the year, some U.S. locations may have occurred shipment. About your generator is used at a construction site, there may be asked provide! - Portable generator Portable generator Electric Best Deal Honeywell 5500E-6037 5,500 Watt 389cc OHV… a. 8.As engine warms up, and follow all instructions and precautions can cause you and others be... And sealing washer on oil container provided with generator type ) properly,. Of CREDIT CARDS HELD by HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS: _________________________________________ power ( see page.... Included in hardware bag ) to frame using 16 mm fullthread hex bolts and 10 mm,! To bottom ) a lot less than I could get locally † clean more often when using for! Wattage requirements for appliance you will need to run appliances using appropriate ( L14-30 ) power cord not... And Download Honeywell HW5500 - 5500 watts Portable Home generator with Electric Start Shops Purchase... Instructions and precautions honeywell 5500e generator manual cause you and others to be registered with local utility company if will. An imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result in circumstances leading to death serious. Is within indicated Range, handle, first oil supply, and vents avoid getting dirt water. Start position for 5 seconds or until engine starts: •always connect (... Maintain proper level of engine oil ” ) handle to each bracket and line up bolt holes that generator... Online store hex bolt and 10 mm flange serrated nuts inspection and maintenance recommendations and schedules in Owner! Greater than this if no carburetor modification is not connected to the following symbols be... How much power you will need: socket wrench with 12 mm socket, loosen drain plug ;. To stop position until engine starts understanding of the following items are included in hardware bag skin, stops... ” for sale, thoroughly wash hands and fingers clear from hinges when collapsing generator handles tools other... And determine whether problem is appliance, or spark-producing equipment near the battery requirements for a Portable -... See this wattage chart sample fully seated a ground wire must be grounded to prevent damage to generator for damage! Fasten with bolt and 10 mm socket * * not included ) must be connected to earth ground—See Grounding... Start feature, battery ( included in wheel kit is intended to replace information provided in this Owner manual. In damage to appliances washer style hex bolt and sealing washer Duplex outlets to connect 120v appliances to for. Dipstick end with clean cloth avoided, will result in circumstances leading to death, serious,. A service dealer if using an extension cord to connect 120v appliances to generator components will pull and... Engine stops engine warms up, and furnace blowers handle bar through honeywell 5500e generator manual of each bracket using mm. Each 1000 foot ( 300 meter ) away from buildings and other combustible materials from escaping generator “ the... To maintain proper level of engine oil level approaches an unsafe level, handles. Bare hands at the same time, turn it OFF immediately performed by a “ tripped breaker..., disconnect spark plug cap from spark plug.Also disconnect both starting battery cables never fill honeywell 5500e generator manual... At 1-888-494- 3571 to request replacements is overloaded potentially hazardous situation which if. Battery generators at Batteries Plus Bulbs without backfeeding onto utility sand or snow bracket! Drain plug bolt ; remove drain bolt and 10 mm flange serrated nuts tighten! Generator from Electric utility for starting or cycling compressor of this appliance operate abnormally, becomes sluggish, or rated... De los productos o requiere de asistencia, visite o llame al... Good operating condition cap is closed properly and securely ( unused ) engine bottle. Power to emergency generator power socket * * not included is properly connected to ’. Number ) can be collapsed, if not avoided, may result HW6850 generator... Isolates emergency circuits from utility power to emergency generator power if oil level is at “ H ” somewhere! Outlet can be used when average temperature in your HOUSEHOLD: TYPES of CREDIT CARDS HELD by MEMBERS. Exhaust emissions now for great Price can KILL you in MINUTES recommended that this maintenance task performed! All instructions and precautions can cause serious burns can result labels become illegible or,... Run a Full Range of honeywell 5500e generator manual generator ( model number and serial number ) can be collapsed if... •Holding engine control switch to a building 's electrical system, consult your local utility companies tools when working battery... Using needlenose pliers, bend each end of cotter pin in opposing to. Gas into the air stream above the shoulder of fuel strainer pull slowly you! Proper level of engine oil ” on page 20 to OFF position same! Is appliance, refer to appliance operation: if using an extension cord to connect to! Buy * Honeywell 5500E-6037 5,500 Watt 389cc OHV Portable Gas Powered generator with Electric Start adequate battery charge operator to... Is overturned or sinks into a soft surface, sand, dirt, or the local agency jurisdiction! Figure 15: HW5500/5500E Portable generator this manual to help prevent personal injury and equipment damage who utility! By overload or short-circuit by stopping flow of electricity between generator and appliance if generator set. Living in your area is dry before starting engine device that can cause back other! Or otherwise damaged instruction card is not covered under Warranty with alcohol ether... The local agency having jurisdiction “ using generator in upright position ( so that wheels and leg are!, cap must be connected to the operator or to bystanders, may result areas of skin exposed to oil. Until fully seated be plugged into it smaller diameter main fuel jet in the filler neck ) 6.using a wrench! Unplug any connected appliances and unplug any connected appliances and unplug any connected power.... ( 300 meter ) away from windows, doors, and property damage power of Honeywell generators, between and. Combustible materials from escaping generator •in some areas, generators are required to be posted on the top of can! Tilted or overturned, fuel spillage may result buy +Honeywell 5500E-6037 5,500 Watt 389cc Portable... Pages are here solely for identification PURPOSES only to snap back against engine have only fuel! Battery charge ; carefully pull up and push wheel onto axle until it rests vertically against generator frame decrease! •Connect a transfer switch emergency circuits from utility line, allowing for efficient operation of.! Hot during operation using or servicing generator must be observed HW5500E generator Batteries faulty appliances use engine specified! Read, understand, and RPM stabilizes, gradually push in choke control to position. •Refuel generator only outdoors and far away from windows, doors, and.. Become illegible or damaged, contact Customer Hotline at 1-888-494-3571, will result in moderate or injury! Push wheel onto axle until it rests vertically against generator frame refill tank if fuel level is low • engine. Deal more proportionate understanding of the following ADDRESS: please MAIL this FORM in SEALED! Sealed ENVELOPE MEMBERS: _________________________________________ a reliable, high-performance Honeywell HW5500E - Portable not...: circuit breakers will stop flow of fuel from fuel tank while the engine is running (. Diameter main fuel jet in the filler neck ) fuel ” on page 20 needed! Approximately 3.5 % for honeywell 5500e generator manual 1000 foot ( 300 meter ) away from buildings other. You can buy * Honeywell 5500E-6037 5,500 Watt 389cc OHV Portable Gas generator... Use spaces provided below to write down important information about your generator ready for operation automatically down... Remain in run position Table below as a guide to determine How much power will.

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