What to look for when choosing a hand-held circular saw?

The quality and effectiveness of various works in the house and in the country largely depends on the quality of the tool used. So, the question of which circular saw to choose is by no means idle – there are many models available for sale with different prices and levels of quality. How to make the right choice? Choose 8 inch table saw blade.

Instrument device

For many years since the invention of the circular saw, the design of these tools has not fundamentally changed. Well-known brands are constantly improving models, increasing productivity, reducing the weight of products, adding auxiliary useful functions, but the main components of the tools still remain:

  • electric motor;
  • gearbox with housing;
  • platform and guide;
  • protective cover.

The workmanship of these elements determines the overall quality of the product.

The saw blades act as the cutting element of the circular saw, but they are not permanent structural elements, but consumables.

The principle of operation of a circular saw is clear from its device. The motor rotates the saw blade through a gearbox, the teeth of which cut the material. A simple structure can be considered an advantage of such tools – they are reliable, their effectiveness has been tested and proven by many years of practice.

Food type

For a long time, circular saws were operated exclusively on mains power. Battery models have appeared on the market relatively recently. The advantages and disadvantages of these two types are similar to the pros and cons of other tools with the same types of power supply Рthe presence of a battery gives mobility and the ability to work with a saw at a distance from home, but gives additional weight and limitation on the duration of operation on one charge.

It is generally accepted that battery models are less powerful. Modern developments make it possible to obtain a level of this parameter for cordless saws, comparable to network modifications, but the cost of the product in this case, as a rule, increases significantly.

The choice of modification taking into account the purpose of the product

Depending on how you plan to use the disc tool, choose one of the possible modifications:

  • For work in a specific place (in a barn, garage, workshop), tabletop models are optimal. They mount on a table or workbench and are easy to use as the saw does not need to be held by hand. Typically, desktop options are more powerful.
  • Manual configurations are practical if the tool is purchased for cutting old trees in the garden, construction or other work that requires a constant change of position.

Reviews of hand-held circular saws indicate that if you want to combine the advantages of the first and second options in one tool, there are two solutions for choosing a saw:

  • purchase of a universal saw that can work like a hand saw and be mounted on a bed;
  • the use of special clamps designed to fix the hand model upside down on the table (not suitable for all models).

Product quality

In the general case, there is a pattern for power tools – the fewer critical parts in a power tool are made of plastic, the cheaper it is, the less backlash is present during tactile inspection in the store, the higher the strength and long-term reliability of the tool. In the case of circular saws, this can be, for example, a guide plate, adjusting fittings, product body, etc. Of course, it is impossible to make a completely metal tool, but the reasonable use of high-quality durable materials can be determined by comparing different models of the tool.

Main technical characteristics

The technical characteristics of the circular saw must correspond to the purposes for which the tool is purchased, otherwise the product will not be able to cope with the work or will not pay back the money spent (if the capabilities of the model will significantly exceed the needs of its owner).


The price difference between tools with different powers from one manufacturer can reach 100%. Therefore, it is not always advisable to purchase a saw with a “margin”. In addition, engine power directly affects product weight. For comparison:

  • a saw with a 1200 W motor weighs about 3-4 kg;
  • the weight of the 2000 W tool reaches 7 kg.

Conventionally, all circular saws are divided into household and professional. The capabilities of the former are quite enough to carry out the necessary work at home. This category includes modifications up to 1200 W. To be sure that the saw will cope with the tasks, and its disc will not jam when cutting boards with knots, it is better to choose options with a capacity of at least 1000 watts.

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