I often introduce new electronic systems for the home, designed to simplify the life of those who choose them, just as Finder did by proposing YESLY.

Finder is a company that many will know. It is an Italian brand present all over the world, with four production plants in Europe and holds the highest number of product approvals.

To give you a tangible idea, they put 12,500 different products on the market, ranging from automation control to power, time, water level, temperature, and lighting.

What is YELSY, and what will simplify your life?

YELSY was born to facilitate the life of those who choose it.

It intelligently manages the switching on and off of the lights and the opening or closing of electric shutters.

It has been designed to ensure maximum comfort in your home.

It consists of a multi-function relay, a dimmer, a wireless button and two smartphone applications, one for the end-user and one for the installer.

To install YESLY, you will not need renovations or invasive interventions.

Just have your trusted electrician install a multi-function relay or dimmer.

We see in-depth all the elements that contribute to the functioning of this device.

YESLY: how to manage it if you decide to install a multi-function relay.

Multifunction relay 13.72 is the pulsating soul of YESLY.

It has unprecedented application flexibility and has 21 available functions.

These features allow the management of as many as eight scenarios.

In this first case, thanks to the multi-function relay and downloading the Finder YESLY app, you can directly manage the switching on and off of up to two light points or the control of a shutter.

What does Yesly do:

  • Allows you to switch the light on or off
  • It is managed by smartphone
  • It performs timed functions
  • It enables the control of the opening and closing of the electric shutters
YElSY: how to operate with the Beyond wireless button.

As specified, this device requires no battery and should never be recharged.

Thanks to this tool, you can control the switching off or lighting of the lights and the opening or closing of the shutters.

It is available in white or black. Also included in the package are the blue cover finder, night gray, and glacier white.

What does Beyond do:

  • Bluetooth device
  • No battery needed
  • Check lights and electric shutters
  • Check out more scenarios
Range Extender: designed to control the light points or roller shutters of large houses to which the system would not be able to reach.

This system extends the range of action of YESLY by about 10 meters in a free field.

It does not need to be configured and is very simple to install. Just plug it into a USB socket, and you’re done.

What is the wireless button for:

  • Extend the reach of YESLY
  • Quick plug & play installation

How the YESLY application works: the demand for those who use it

First, I invite you to download the app directly on your mobile.

Once the installer has configured the system, on the Finder YESLY application, you can view all the connected devices, and you can associate them with a room in your house.

Then you can customize the icons and room names.

Once this procedure is finished, you will be able to control all connected devices from your smartphone.

On the YESLY website, there is a short demonstration that you can also perform on your desktop, thanks to which you can see how easy it is to use and how much it can bring to your everyday life.

Last but not least Toolbox, the app designed for the installer

This application has been designed for professionals who can install the YESLY system and intuitively.

In just a few steps, it will be possible to associate one or more mobile phones and wireless buttons and share settings with users.

An original and straightforward way to improve our days and the liveability of our homes.

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